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  • KMC Repair Center

    We repair and perform the last upgrade for KMDigital controller.


    • Send us the defective controller with a short description of the problems you have.
    • We will analyze the cost of repairs for minumum charge of $ 50,00 per controller.
    • Thereafter, we will confirm the repair cost and deduct the minimum charge if you agree.
    • Shipping costs are not included.

    Upgrading controllers (Flashing  to the last version)

    • Send us the controller to be upgraded.
    • The cost to upgrade is $ 80,00 per controller.
    • Shipping costs are not included.

    Upgrading controllers is valid for the following:

    • BacNet and KMD-5800 series
    • BacNet and KMD-7000 series
    • BacNet and KMD-7300 series
    • BacNet and KMD-7400 series
    • BacNet and KMD-Lan Controller series
    • Old KMD-5500 SERIES and KMD-6900 series (We can not flash these controllers)

     Contact us for more information. Office: 1- (514) 887-9144   or by email: [email protected]